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When we think of jewelry, there are many different styles and types to choose from, but one of the most popular pieces have always been the unisex rings. Perhaps their unique designs and gold and silver finishes are what makes them catch the attention of so many people. Which is your case? Whatever it is, we are sure that the models we have in VIDDA will delight you as an accessory for your day to day.

Classy unisex rings for him

Men have some really good options to choose from among our unisex rings. These can be an additional accessory with which to express your unique personality thanks to their details and finishes. It all adds up.

Each of our jewelry pieces are unique, so you will not find them anywhere else. Finding the perfect model may seem like a complicated task, but remember that the important thing is to look for the one that expresses who you are and what makes you special.

Whatever your style or preference, there will surely be one or more unisex rings that fit your expectations. You can wear them for a wide variety of occasions, from going to work to attending a formal party. And of course, combining them with our other pieces of jewelry can be a great idea.

Elegant unisex rings for her

The elegance that a woman wearing a ring gives off is indescribable. We dare to say that it is one of those accessories that never disappoint, because they are neither too discreet nor too flashy, but they fulfill the function of bringing a lot of class and authority.

If you dive into our select catalog of products, you can discover models of unisex rings which are plated in 24 karat gold and sterling silver, and with finishes that highlight some beautiful Austrian crystals that leave no one indifferent. For a reasonable price, you can find some really interesting pieces that are suitable for multiple occasions.

Whether you like more discreet rings or more daring ones, at VIDDA you have a model available that will be waiting to join you in every day of your life. And people use to say that it is best to express your feelings or mood in different ways, so you always have the option to choose several unisex rings.

A sign of originality, courage and fortitude

Rings can have several meanings depending on which finger of the hand you choose to wear them on:

  • On the thumb, it can be a synonym of creativity and courage to reaffirm one's personality.
  • They say that a unisex ring on the little finger is a symbol of intelligence.
  • On the middle finger, it represents balance and stability.
  • While on the index finger the connotation given to it is power.
  • And as we all know, the ring finger is where engagement rings are placed.

There are people who identify themselves with several of these personalities, so it is common to see them wearing two or even three rings on the same hand. Sometimes they do it for mere aesthetics and taste, because there is no fixed rule that prevents you from wearing them freely, as you like. But one thing is clear, which is that our unisex rings are symbols of status and power.

Take VIDDA's brand values around the world

Do you want to know more about us and our way of working? In VIDDA, we can boast a long experience in the manufacture of unique and high quality jewelry that can be purchased anywhere in the world through our online store, although our headquarters are located in Spain, where magic happens.

One of our main objectives is always the satisfaction of each client above everything else. To this end, we select and only work with high quality materials, which are also sustainable, demonstrating our close commitment to caring for the environment in which we all live.

Are you looking for unisex rings that follow the most avant-garde design trends? In our online catalog you have a few excellent and very exclusive options, since we only sell our own designs. This way of thinking and translating our ideas into final products has been the formula for success for us.

Buy your unisex rings online safely and securely

VIDDA is a trusted website where you can buy your unisex rings with total security. First of all, because we have an internalized logistics service that allows us to record individually each order we send to our customers. In this way, tracking your order is much easier and is a gesture that every buyer ends up thanking us for.

On the other hand, we must value our quality control process to which we submit each product. With this, we can make sure that all the pieces that leave our workshop to their destination have no damage or scratches. We always look for perfection because we consider that it is the minimum that every customer who buys in our online store deserves.

If you have already decided which is the next piece you are going to add to your jewelry collection, you just have to make a few clicks to purchase it and you will receive it in the next few days at your home . You will feel the strength and power of our 24 karat gold plated and sterling silver unisex rings.

Should you have any doubt about our return policy, payment methods or need a size guide, you can find all the information about it on our website.

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