About us

Vidda is the story of the unique and restless look of two sisters, with a very special sensitivity, and great artistic skills. From their many trips and experiences around the world, they drew the inspiration to be able to conceive this revolution called “Vidda”.

Everything starts with a suitcase full of happiness and endless ideas. An intense road map written with the fresh air of other continents, countries and cultures. Miles of inspiration that paid off in the first sketches.

Vidda begins to take life. Elaborated pieces made one by one following a rigorous handmade process
and materials totally respectful with the environment. Transgressive, striking, elegant designs with a special touch to attract all eyes. Unique jewells, freshand sophisticated to not be unseen. Vidda, a jewelry brand with an attitude to conquer life.

Today we ask ourselves: who has taken the first step?Are our jewels waiting for you or is you the one waiting for them? What does it matter? The point isthat no one has to keep waiting.

One day they saw it, now we see it.

Don,t be unseen

I saw the unseen before it was seen.
I saw the beginning before it began.
I saw the world and the exoticism of far away lands.
I saw the stunning shapes and defying designs.
I saw the precious in you, in me, in all of us.
I saw the adventurous spirit of a jewell in your eyes.
I saw the look that captures the stars.
I saw the hidden glow in your ears, neck, wrists andhands.
I saw the glamor that drawns all glance.
I saw the jumping of your heart.
I saw the unique style that made you shine.
But, after seeing all that, there’s one thing I haven’tseen yet: you.
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