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Your treasure. You will feel the serenity of the calmest waters on your skin. The cool breeze of a summer night will have no secrets for you. In your hand, the brightness of a smile. On your neck, the excitement of feeling a coveted piece that sprinkles everything it touches with magic. Impeccable. Full of femininity. Quite a treasure. It is this Pearl Jewelry collection that comes with the high tide and the one that will never go down. This new saga will make you feel the star. It is the perfect form, it is the longed-for touch. We have all dreamed of wearing something like this. Each design in this jewelery series fascinates with clear compositions in timeless shapes. Selected elements and fine details add an elegant touch to any outfit. The choice that confirms the value and beauty of these little treasures. It's our brand new Treasure Collection. Its shape, appearance and touch. Iconic and delicate is all that and much more. It is an indisputable symbol of elegance. It is the class made jewel. In an instant it increases the refinement of the person who wears it. It is that indisputable and necessary “charm”. They are the timeless jewels, the ones chosen at court. It was trending. And it will always be a trend.

Timeless elegance in this pearl jewelry collection

At VIDDA you will find luxury pearl jewelry which combines the classic with the contemporary, creating the most beautiful stud earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings for women.

Find the perfect jewelry piece for you. If you are searching for a timeless piece of jewelry here you have the perfect one.

Pearls handmade in Spain

All the Pearls we use in our collection are artificial and manufactured with a high quality, making them practically the same as natural pearls.

We create a wide range of contemporary jewellery pieces designed to highlight the unique perfection of a pearl.

Innovate with our fashion pearl jewelry

Women's jewelry can be a great way to elevate your style. We have so many designs of pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets and pearl rings, so there will always be a piece of pearl jewelry that is perfect for you.

If you want to don't be unseen and add a touch of innovation to your jewelry collection it is your place, explore our online store and find the perfect piece of pearl jewelry.

The best quality pearl jewelry for women

Quality jewelry can be an important part of a woman's personal style. It is for that reason that we use high quality pearls combined with 24 karat Gold and Sterling Silver plated metal allow and natural leather in some of the designs.

Take care of your pearl jewelry for women

We recommed to clean the pearl jewelry by using a soft, clean cloth in order to enjoy your piece of jewelry as long as possible.

Find handcrafted gold and silver plated pearl jewelry pieces at VIDDA

At VIDDA you can choose all the pearl jewelry pieces in gold and silver. Thanks to our extensive catalog it will easy for you to find the piece that fits your style the most.

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